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About Us


Geo Coloured Lenses was founded in 2008 with the simple mission to promote the Geo brand and its circle lenses.

Our founder has been wearing Geo contact lenses for years, swearing by it’s comfort and ease of use. It doesn’t hurt that the lenses are pretty as well!

Intensely focused on our efficient, helpful and speedy customer service, we aim to reply all emails and enquiries within 24 hours, weekends included.


Circle lenses are colored contact lenses, but not normal colored contacts Circle lenses has the technology to make your eyes look more alluring, beautiful and defined.

Research shows that faces with prominent limbal rings are considered more attractive.. To achieve said effect, circle lenses are designed with colors coated upto the edge to create a more prominent iris.

To make things more exciting, circle lenses are available in different colors, therefore allowing you to change your eye color to the color you desire.
Whether you plan to wear circle lenses for daily use or special occasions, there is a wide range of styles for you to choose from, letting you to unleash your creativity.

Long story short, circle lenses are definitely a necessary purchase for anyone who seeks to incorporate excitement into their makeup.


GEO MEDICAL is the leading brand of circle lenses in the global market today, mainly due to its comfort and ease of use. Being available with or without power also adds to its popularity.

Geo Medical is also far ahead of other brands in terms of lens care and safety - It has been certified and approved by the ISO (International Standard Organisation), CE (Conformité Européenne - Europe), KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration) and MHLW (Japan Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare).

All Geo contact lenses sold on the website are genuine, but we urge all customers to check the authenticity of their lenses with GEO’s forgery checking system here.


Whether circle lenses can transform your eyes into gorgeous goddess look, they are still medical devices you need to decide carefully where to buy from. When you choose GEO circle lenses, you can be well assured of its quality because:
  1. GEO Medical is the most reliable and safest international circle lens brand.

  2. The company knows it’s not just about looking pretty, it’s not just about affordable prices, it’s about a lifelong commitment to making GEO circle lenses with the safest technology.

  3. GEO Medical circle lenses are designed to blend in with our look and not look artificial.

  4. ‘Eyes are the expression of one’s mind.’ With that in mind, GEO Medical Company is not merely producing normal circle lenses, but rather is focused in designing human eyes from the perspective of natural beauty. There is a wide range of design patterns and colours to meet the needs of global customers.

  5. GEO Medical is internationally certified, and is far ahead of other brands in terms of lens care and safety.

  6. It is the only circle lenses brand to be approved by the US FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration), passing all the stringiest tests and strict regulations with flying colors. The brand has also been approved in many countries:
    • ISO 13485: 2003 (International Standard Organisation)
    • EU CE 1023 (Conformité Européenne - Europe)
    • KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration)
    • US FDA (USD Food and Drug Administration)- The one and only circle lens brand certified in the USA.
    • Canada HC (Health Canada)
    • Australia TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)
    • Singapore HSA (Health Sciences Authority)
    • China SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration)
    • Japan MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
    • Russia GOST-R • Vietnam VFA (Vietnam Food & Association)
    • Hong Kong MDACS • Taiwan FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

  7. The manufacturer GEO Medical has won awards for the technology and innovation behind the manufacturing of these lenses.

  8. GEO Medical is the first circle lens brand to adopt the Dyeing Nano Technology (DNT) into manufacturing colored contact lenses.

  9. GEO Medical is a guaranteed safe medical device for your eyes.

  10. The high quality coloured lenses are produced using the Spraying and Sandwich method, with the strictest attention to their quality and cleanliness. GEO Medical manufactures GEO circle lenses by sandwiching the vibrant pigments (colour) between two layers of HEMA coating to prevent the colour bleeding into the wearer’s cornea. In contrast, inexpensive lower quality lenses are coated with only one layer of pigment and HEMA coating to reduce the manufacturing cost.