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What Should I Do After I Receive My Circle Color Lenses?


Wash both of your hands thoroughly with soap.

Dry your hands completely with a towel.


After receiving your package from us, open the lens casing and fill it up with lens solution, ensuring that it is enough to soak the circle lens completely. This step can be repeated later, if you realized the lens solution is not enough to soak the lens.

Open the vials or blisters and remove the lenses gently with your hands,
using your index fingers and thumb.

Place the circle lenses into the lens casing and check if the
lens solution is enough soak the lenses completely.

Close the lens casing and let the lenses soak in it for at least 8 hours before wearing them.


Repeat Step 1 before wearing your lenses.

 Decide which eye you would like to start wearing the lens first. Remove the lens from the lens case and place it onto your index finger. 

 Perform a quick check if the lens on your index finger is facing the correct side.


Pull your lower eye lid down using your middle finger. At the same time, you can pull your upper eye lid using your other hand to have a wider view.

Insert the lenses slowly into the eye using your index finger, preferably from the bottom to the top part.

Blink your eye to let it adjust naturally.

Repeat the process for the other eye.